Natural Table Centerpieces: Simple Designs for Handmade Holiday Decor and Displays

A variety of ordinary items, from twigs to sweet gum balls, create unique and attractive centerpieces for any occasion. While many choices are unusual, the finished combination will display both natural beauty and the individual touch of its crafter.

The materials needed are simple, including a stout pair of garden clippers,work gloves, and a few decorative craft materials. From wreaths to centerpieces, the possibilities are limitless, given the artist’s imagination and the materials at hand. Certain designs may require additional items, such as a wire frame or grapevine weave for the wreath.

Gilded Natural Wreath

To create an elegant wreath made up of natural items, use non-toxic enamel paint to give the arrangement a brilliant sheen. Pinecones, sweetgum balls, dried leaves, and twigs all look beautiful tucked in a simple vine wreath or interwoven with traditional greenery.

Coat dried twigs and leaves with silver or gold paint; apply a generous coat to pinecones, acorns, even strands of natural moss. Display with items left in their natural beauty by applying glue and glitter to pinecones, twigs, or bright red berries intermingled with the gilded versions on the wreath.

A cluster of small twigs painted gold can create a chic bird’s nest ornament for a Christmas tree; make other miniature ornaments with gilded natural items, including single pinecones dangling from tree branches or gilded non-toxic berries threaded together on short cords.

Pinecone Jar

Silver and glittered pinecones look beautiful intermingled in a glass jar for a centerpiece or window display. Choose a decorative pickle jar or an antique mason jar to fill with pinecones small and large. Intermingle the decorations with other items, including craft Spanish moss, sweet gum balls, or miniature Christmas balls.

For a loose display, heap them in a wooden bowl with nuts and dried flowers for a potpourri effect. Add cinnamon sticks or nutmeg for a decorative and sweet-smelling touch without subtracting from the natural browns that dominate the centerpiece.

Herb and Greenery Centerpiece

Form a wreath from fresh rosemary sprigs,peppermint leaves, and snippet of holly leaves and berries for an impressive centerpiece. Fasten the sprigs together using floral tape or wire; place the wreath around a candle jar or the base of a vase holding sprigs of winter greenery.

Weave a similar centerpiece from unique materials, including dried briers, dried honeysuckle branches, and twigs. Add glitter or fake snow to decorate dried centerpieces; or use enamel paint to guild the finished design. Display finished natural centerpieces and wreaths with other traditional Christmas ornaments.

Slate Plates

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