Different Types of Photo Booths Available In Raleigh NC

Photo booths can help improve the overall setting and theme of different events. This is the reason why renting at a Raleigh Photo Booth Rental is a popular practice which can be often found in several parties and other related events. Photo booths however, come with different types each with their own respective function and features.

Let us look at the different types of photo booths to see what best suit your next upcoming event.




Photo booths fall into two different categories which are enclosed and open. Enclosed photo booths just as their name suggest, are often identified by their curtains, walls, panels, or a combination of both. All of these items are present in order to make sure that the users are hidden and are away from prying eyes. This is perfect for those who feel a bit shy when taking photos in the public. Enclosed photo booths are fairly common in malls which can generally fit 2 up to 16 people depending on their construction.



Open photo booths on the other hand are setup to allow others to see. Open photo booths are usually present in wedding events, birthday parties and the likes. The open nature of this type of photo both helps entice others to try them for their own. Open photo booths also come with their own set of props people can use which allows for different customization options. This in turn makes each and every photo that they capture feel more unique and authentic from the rest.


Enclosed Vs. Open

Enclose and open photo booths function basically the same providing their users plenty of good time in taking a variety of pictures. Preference and taste is often the deciding factor that can help you decide which to get for your next event. Enclosed photo booths feel more compact which helps save a fair amount of space. On the other hand, open photo booths can take up a huge space from your venue which you will need to keep in mind.

Another thing to note is that enclosed photo booths take pictures automatically using a machine while open photo booths require the direct input of a photographer to set them up and take them. For those who want less hassle, they can go with the enclosed photo booth instead which is mostly automatic.

Regardless of your choice, you will surely have a grand time when you decide to rent a photo booth on you next event. Setup an appointment in advance and reserve a photo booth right away!