Chair Rental Secrets for Wedding Receptions and Ceremonies

Chair Rental Secrets for Wedding Receptions and Ceremonies

Wedding couples are understandably concerned with having enough chairs, but few give much consideration to how those chairs will add to, or subtract from, the day’s décor and the guests’ enjoyment.

Rental Chairs are Not Created Equal

Many party and event rental companies provide chairs for weddings. Some have only a few style choices while others carry many options. Researching local rental companies and comparing style, quality and pricing is the path to perfect chairs.

Important considerations when choosing chairs include:

●        style

●        comfort

●        condition

●        durability

●        cost

●        ability to be covered

Comfort and style matter most. Some chairs, like those ubiquitous plastic white folding chairs, don’t always perform well in the style or comfort category. Plastic folding chairs are lightweight and easily transported, but they add no decorative benefit and are extremely uncomfortable for many people.

Rent Chairs for Everyone

People come in all sizes and shapes. For comfort, the rule of thumb is this: It’s always better to put a smaller person on a larger chair than to put a larger person on a smaller chair. For this reason, chairs like pizza/ice cream parlor chairs, with their small round, hard seats, are not conducive to an enjoyable experience for a significant portion of the population.

Larger people, the elderly and children may have difficulty with plastic folding chairs, for those chairs offer little back support and routinely give way in the back area of the seat. The rigid frame can also apply an uncomfortable pressure to the thighs of larger guests.

Chairs with arms provide extra comfort for some and are a nightmare for others. One solution is to have some chairs with arms and some without. If uniformity is an important concern, and only one style is chosen, the choice should be armless chairs.

The more cushioning the chair has, the more comfortable guests will be. Banquet style chairs often have plush seats and backs that sustain comfort for longer periods. It’s possible to add cushions to all chairs, but it will likely be an extra expense.

For safety’s sake consider the surface that will be supporting the chair.

●        Carpeted floors require chairs that slide up to and     away from tables with ease.

●        Chairs with small feet may sink into grass, dirt or     sand and result in less stability for guests.

●        Cobblestones, flagstones and other uneven surfaces call     for chairs with a wide base.

●        Wooden decks need chairs that won’t get caught in     slats.

●        Inclines absolutely prohibit anything that folds.

Wedding Décor and Stylish Chairs

It’s easy to give the wedding décor a boost with the right chairs. Some examples would include:

●        wicker or bamboo chairs for garden or beach weddings

●        decoratively carved wooden chairs for western or     southwestern weddings

●        rustic, painted chairs for country weddings

●        spindle back chairs (black, white, gold, burnished     copper) for afternoon weddings

●        formal, fine dining chairs for elegant, evening     weddings

All chairs lend themselves to decoration or covering. Decorations can be simple and delicate or beautifully elaborate to accent the wedding theme or express the bride and groom’s personalities.

7 Chair Rental Questions

The following questions, asked of rental providers, can help insure a worry-free, pleasant experience for the wedding couple and their guests.

  1. What chair styles, in what colors, are available?
  2. How much does each style cost?
  3. Is there an additional set-up, dismantling or mileage     charge?
  4. Are the chairs in excellent condition and is that     condition guaranteed?
  5. Are extra chairs provided in case of an unforeseen     circumstance?
  6. Are chairs rented to only one event on any given day?
  7. Are references available?

It’s wise to carefully study the rental contract. Replacement of damaged property can be expensive and the cost will vary from company to company.

Rental fees will vary by chair style. Some are as little as $1.00 per chair and others can be more than $20.00 per chair. There may be occasions when purchasing chairs from a discount outlet or acquiring them from a going-out-of-business store or hotel, is actually more cost effective than renting. Purchased chairs can later be donated to churches, group homes, nursing homes, schools or other facilities that would benefit from their use.

Renting the Perfect Wedding Day Chairs

From the look of the occasion to the comfort of the guests, chair choice matters. Collectively, the chairs at a wedding ceremony or reception outnumber everything except people.

What the chairs look like and how they feel can change the overall wedding experience. Caring enough to choose wisely will benefit everyone.

Keep Your Baby Safe with These Baby Proofing Tips

When you were a child you must have had bruises all around your knees and hands while trying crawl or walk. But things have changed and I am pretty sure you won’t like any bruises on your baby’s little toes and hands or any parts of its body. Here is why I’m bringing you these little baby proofing tips you should apply—

  • It is obvious you are in a hurry all the time. But that doesn’t mean that you will carry hot food and your baby together with you. Don’t ever do that.
  • In case you are home alone and you have to cook, never ever hold your baby while cooking in the stove.
  • If your baby crawls already, make sure you have a secured oven door.
  • When it comes to your baby’s bath, never leave your baby alone or unsupervised in the bathtub. When it comes to the water, it should be warm and not hot or else that will leave rashes on your baby’s soft skin.
  • Keep your baby’s clothes without using any drawstrings.
  • While using or choosing the crib for your baby, make sure that you don’t use drop side cribs.
  • When you are keeping your baby in the crib, make sure that you don’t leave the toys in the crib when your baby is sleeping. Also keep soft toys and pillows away from your baby when it is sleeping. When your baby tries to get up on the hands and knees, keep mobiles and hanging toys away from him.
  • Doors are one of the most common things your baby gets bruises. But using doorstops or door holders you can protect your baby’s finger.
  • In order to prevent fall, ever leave your crawling baby alone in the bed, sofa or in any high chairs. Then again, there are a lot of window guards and window stops available for you to use when it comes to protecting your baby from falling through a window.

These are just a few ways to keep your baby safe from unfortunate events. You can use these to keep your baby bruise free.

What Makes a Good Customized Pillow?

What Makes a Good Customized Pillow?

What Makes a Good Customized Pillow? 

Each customized pillows offer a different look and feel from the ones you see in the market. This 
in turn makes these types of pillows a very much sought after item of choice by many. There is 
however, a marginal difference between a good and a bad customized pillow. Of course, we are 
aiming for the good ones that of great use. How can we find good customized pillow?

Offers a Variety of Design

Customized pillow as their name implies should be easily designed. A good customizable pillow 
should offer its users plenty of options to choose from with regards to its design phase. As such, 
make sure to find a store that does not limit how you want your pillow to be designed. It should include the feature to add your very own photos, picture or text at any given time over their 
website instead of relying primarily on the designs they will be giving you. Something similar to zonkd – you can read more about them at

Flexible Sizing

A good customizable pillow should also be flexible giving customers the power to choose what 
size best suit their preference and taste. How you customize your pillow often depends on their 
individual sizes. As a result, the bigger ones will offer plenty of room to add any text or photo 
that you want, while the smaller sized pillows will be a bit limited with their design. 

Quality Comes with a Price

You can gauge the quality of a customized pillow by their price. A cheap pillow will not last you 
very long and in some cases, the colors, text or images with their design may fade faster when compared to the higher quality ones. For that matter, it is important that you are mindful of the 
price tags that comes with these customizable pillows. Strive a good balance between the overall 
quality as well as their cost as you don’t want to spend too much on just a single customizable 
pillow alone. You can compare individual prices of customized pillows from different stores to 
help give you an overview on what to expect with regards to their pricing as well as give you a 
cost estimate to help you with your future purchase. 
Customized pillows can last for many years with regular cleaning and maintenance. With that 
being said, people are advised to have them replaced if they show signs that they are no longer 
evenly filled or if you’re waking up with neck or shoulder pain.