Baby Changing Table: How to Buy a Diaper or Baby Station

While a separate table to change diapers isn’t always essential, the baby changing table can be quite a blessing for new parents who may be struggling with plenty of things to learn, including how to put on and take off a smelly diaper. As with most baby furniture items, changing tables are available in a variety of styles and colors and parents can buy one that best fits their needs and budget.

However, there are a few things that a new mom or dad must keep in mind when setting up a diaper station for baby.

Size of the Diaper Changing Table

Choose a changing table that is the perfect height for you and your partner. You should be able to remove and put on diapers without having to bend or stretch. Depending upon the size of baby’s nursery, choose a table that isn’t too wide or too narrow. The width is also important to ensure that baby’s fits properly on the table. A narrow changing surface can make diaper changes uncomfortable for an infant.

Choose a Safe Table to Change Baby’s Diaper

Safety and sturdiness of the table is of utmost importance. Choose a table that does not have wobbly legs, loose fittings or exposed nails and screws. Pick a table that has a guard rail to keep baby from rolling off. Safety straps, too, are essential to keep baby secure during diaper changes. Despite all these safety features, you must never leave a baby unattended even for a minute when on the diaper station.

Storage Area for Diapers and Accessories

A changing table that comes with adequate storage for diapers, cleaning supplies and other accessories will make a perfect changing station for baby. Several changing tables also double up as a dresser and have shelves and drawers for baby’s clothes. These are ideal for homes that are short on space and need double-duty baby furniture.

Alternatives to Baby Changing Stations

However, it is also, possible to go without a diaper changing table and still change diapers easily and conveniently. You can simply use the top of an existing dresser or any other smooth, flat surface to change diapers. Keep a basket stocked with a changing pad, fresh diapers and cleaning supplies handy and you can have a portable baby changing station ready in next to no time.

While a baby changing station can surely make life easier for a new mom or dad, going without one is also possible and doable. When fitting out baby’s nursery, the changing table does not have to be the first thing you buy. Take your time to assess whether you really need a separate diaper station and invest in one only if the need is great and the budget allows it.