All about Stoneware Dinnerware Sets


Stoneware is a great choice for those who are looking for dinnerware sets to use on a regular day to day basis. There are known to be extreme durable while at the same time is fairly simple to produce. Stoneware dinnerware sets are also very much accessible making them relatively easy to acquire. This along with scratch resistant nature, its inability to stain as wells as its ease of cleaning makes stoneware a fairly popular dinnerware options that is easy on the budget.


Care and Maintenance Tips


Although extremely durable, users can cause damage to stoneware if they are not careful with their handling. Temperature can affect the durability of your dinnerware sets and the same can also be said with regards to stoneware. A good example of this is when you decide to use stoneware dinnerware sets in the oven. It is very important for users to avoid subjecting stoneware with too much heat all at once as this can cause damage and cracking. For that matter, users are advised to place the pottery item in the oven before use and let it rise to temperature.

Cold temperatures can also pose a problem with your stoneware dinnerware sets. Be sure to let the piece cool slowly when planning on refrigerating food inside a stoneware piece. Freezing stoneware is also not advised as this can result to chips and cracks.



A general advice people give is to treat stoneware like glass. Avoid scratching with hard bristled brushes or sharp objects and wash it by hand to keep your stoneware dinnerware sets in mint condition. Also don’t forget to make sure the water temperature is suitable for your items before placing them in the water.


Where to Find Stoneware Dinnerware Sets


As mentioned earlier, these types of dinnerware items are fairly easy to acquire. You will find many dinnerware stores offering stoneware to their customers on a regular day to day basis. Online is also a great place to find stoneware items in timely manner. Many dinnerware stores have setup and integrated their services over the internet, just like that of Slate Plate, allowing easy access and reach to their customers. This in turn allows just about anyone to find dinnerware sets of their liking at any given time when the need calls for them to do so.

Stoneware is indeed a great addition to your dinnerware sets. Make sure to consider the tips mentioned above to help keep them in good shape.